Our immigration practice group offers experienced representation to both business and individual clients. Headed up by Deborah Misir, best viagra sales a former attorney for the immigration courts, cialis ask a former national headquarters attorney for the old Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), ask former immigration appellate litigator for the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Labor, our group, which also includes a former INS immigration inspector and New York state criminal courts attorney, has a unique insider’s understanding of the U.S. immigration process that allows us to successfully take on the most complex and difficult cases.

We have experience handling every aspect of U.S. immigration law including, temporary and permanent petitions, labor certifications and requirements, naturalization, Administrative Appeals Unit (AAU) appeals, removal proceedings, Board of Immigration (BIA) appeals, federal Circuit Courts of Appeal, and challenges to immigration regulations under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).

Our services include:

Business Immigration Services

  • temporary/ nonimmigrant work visas including treaty traders (E), specialty workers (H-1B), agricultural workers (H-2A), non-agricultural workers (H-2B), intra-company transferees (L-1) and NAFTA professionals (TN);
  • permanent employment based immigrant visas/ green cards including extraordinary ability (EB-1), advanced degrees (EB-2), skilled workers (EB-3), religious workers (EB-4), and business investors (EB-5);
  • compliance with employer verification (I-9), immigration related employment discrimination rules and U.S. Department of Labor wage and working condition regulations.

Individual Immigration Services

  • representation of individuals seeking temporary and permanent immigration status for family members;
  • overseas visa consular processing;
  • waivers of inadmissability;
  • advice on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and pleas;
  • representation in removal proceedings including, detained criminal deportation, cancellation of removal, asylum, voluntary departure and other relief;
  • naturalization and revocation of naturalization proceedings.

With attorneys in the group admitted to practice in Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and South America, we provide global solutions for businesses and individuals seeking to ensure compliance with the U.S. and other nation’s immigration laws and regulations.